"Tag #062", rescued 03/09/2023


Pearl is a 13.1 hand pony mare, breed unknown, estimated at 11 years old.

Owned by a kill buyer who gave her one week to be rescued via NY Last Chance Bailout, Pearl was severely neglected: emaciated, wormy, sick with bronchitis, and recently blinded in the right eye by a blunt force trauma. Pearl was deemed unhandled- not even halter broke- and was terrified of people. She did not know what grain was; during quarantine, a second horse had to live in the stall with her for five days to teach her to eat it. The kill buyer noted that she was transferred by a fellow buyer from West Virginia, but beyond that, we know nothing of her history. Pony Up Rescue intervened to save Pearl because she was unlikely to otherwise to be rescued.

Pearl has changed enormously in the time since she was bailed. In quarantine, she received antibiotics and her first ever dental treatment. On arrival, she took to leading within a few days but panicked at being touched anywhere outside of her face. She shook with fear and tried to escape. She didn't tie, nor did Pearl did not know how to pick up her feet; she wouldn't even let her legs be touched. The feeling of water or spray of any kind sent her into a full-blown terror.

With twice daily handling for hours at a time as she gradually adjusted to 24/7 grass and senior feed, she rapidly began to transform. Since her arrival, Pearl has gained approximately 200 pounds. She has learned to love being groomed from head to toe and now cross-ties, bathes, rides beautifully at the walk/trot/canter and is ready to start over fences. Pearl loves attention and is eager to engage. Remarkably athletic and eager to please, Pearl is now adoptable and looking for a first kid of her own!

Scroll through Pearl's journey, from arrival at NY Last Chance Bailout in early March, to her current condition.