"Tag #062", rescued 03/09/2023

Moomin (née Willow)

In October, Pony Up Rescue saved Moomin, a beautiful white Appaloosa 2-year-old filly neglect case.

We found her at a North Carolina kill pen in bad shape- wormy and starving- networked by a local farm that assists with rescue. An angel donor paid her upfront costs to get her en route to us, and after a month of quarantine, she shipped to us.

Moomin is making strides. She has put on weight beautifully, become healthy and energetic, learned to pick up her hind feet, accept a bridle and saddle, and work on the longe line. She has grown to 14.0hh with a bit more to go. She is a long-term rescue project who will begin work under saddle in the late summer / fall.

PS. This is a Moomin :)

Scroll through her journey, from arrival at Pony Up Rescue Collective in early October to the present.

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