"Tag #477", rescued 5/15/2023

Oliver aka "Ollie"

Meet Oliver! Oliver was rescued by a sponsor from a kill pen in Peabody, KS. Purported to be a sound, 15-year-old, 15hh Quarter Horse (as confirmed by a local vet), Ollie turned out to be a 20-ish, nearly 15.2hh gentleman with untreated Cushing's Disease driving low-level laminitis in his feet. A well-broke ranch horse, Ollie arrived depressed, uncomfortable, and unaccustomed to affection, treats, or grooming. He appears to have been worked into the ground and then passed along the auction circuit before ending up in the slaughter pipeline.

Now on Pergolide (Prascend) Oliver is serviceably sound, happy, and the first to greet us and line up for affection. He lives out peacefully with geldings and mares. He loves being groomed, seeks out human contact, and there is light in his eyes. Easy to handle and a true "steady Eddie", Oliver is an excellent candidate for a therapeutic horse.

Scroll through his journey, from arrival at Pony Up Rescue Collective in June to the present.

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