Tag #04189, rescued 12/31/23


3/10 UPDATE- Tamarind is settling in well after having had dental, farrier, and veterinary care in addition to vaccines and dewormer. She has a way to go before she us up to a healthy weight, but is eating well. Tamarind is visibly relieved to have found a soft landing; for the first few weeks, she wanted gentle affection more than anything, even food. As the weeks pass, her energy level is slowly increasing, and she is engaging with the other ponies more each day.

1/29 UPDATE- The Texas Two are scheduled to ship to us on February 11th, weather-permitting. We have raised $3175 of the $5300 needed for their rescue and immediate medical care. Please keep sharing! https://www.pledge.to/2-last-ditch-pony-mare-rescues

1/4 UPDATE- We got them picked up from the kill pen late last night with preliminary eye medication starting today and the vet already called. We don't have all the funds raised for them yet, but we have enough that I jumped in and bailed them. Please keep sharing! https://www.pledge.to/2-last-ditch-pony-mare-rescues

Scroll through her journey, from arrival at Pony Up Rescue Collective in February to the present.

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