"Tag #329", rescued 11/14/2022

Sweet Potato

Potato is a 13.3 hand, 11-year-old, vision-impaired Quarter Pony gelding, and the cheeriest, most lion-hearted and loving pony imaginable.

Owned by a kill buyer who gave him one week to be rescued via NY Last Chance Bailout, he had cataracts in both eyes causing blindness in the left and limited vision in the right. Potato had a respiratory infection, three paper thin shoes on long feet, and was uncomfortable behind. He did not know how to canter under saddle, but reportedly drove and came from the Amish.

From the outset, Potato was friendly and comfortable being handled and ridden in the arena and on trails. Starting with voice commands on the longe line, then under saddle, he rapidly learned his canter leads and lead changes. We fundraised for cataract surgery to restore vision to his blind left eye, but the operation tragically failed and the eye had to be enucleated. Despite only limited vision in his one remaining eye, Potato is happily back in work, training to be a therapy, lesson, and trail pony. He lives is sound, healthy, and absolutely loves to be groomed and ridden, especially by children.

Scroll through his rescue timeline from November 2022 to the present.