Tag #2203, rescued 12/15/23


Meet one of our December saves and our little holiday miracle. This kind fellow was on death's door when we pulled him from a bailout and brought him to Tivoli. He had Potomac Fever, choke, and was skeletal and dehydrated. He developed pneumonia. He wore driving shoes from being in recent work, with feet rotted through by thrush. His teeth were so neglected he could barely eat, and his eye was infected. He was estimated to be 30 years old. Why save him? Sherman really wanted- and wants- to live. He followed us around, nickering for attention and food, despite barely being able to eat. He kept trying! Sherman was saved by immediate medical interventions and ongoing follow ups, four meals a day, turnout and daily medications. Sherman is now a beacon of health! He is grazing and zooming around the field by day, and sleeping in a warm stall at night. And what is Sherman like? He is the sweetest, cuddliest, impiest little fella to grace the farm yet!

Scroll through his journey, from arrival at Pony Up Rescue Collective in December to the present.

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