Tag #242, rescued 3/23/2024

Mustang, name TBD

UPDATE 3/27/24 Our newest rescue is a BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Mustang gelding bought from a kill buyer who purchased him at an auction in Indiana in early 2024 and noted that he was treated for lice. Based on his freezebrand, we know from the BLM that "19638672 is a 5 year old, brown gelding who was captured from the Antelope HMA Antelope HMA | Bureau of Land Management in Nevada on September 14, 2019 [as a foal]." He was purchased from the BLM on May 15, 2022 [as a 3-year-old and bears an additional freezebrand labeling him "unadoptable" for having been offered for adoption three times and not being adopted]. He was presumably in a holding area, most likely unhandled, until purchase as a 3-year-old.

Our mustang is fearful but very gentle. He tolerates being groomed, picks up his front feet, leads decently, and is curious and interested in engaging with people. He is 14.2hh tall, sturdy and well-built. It is as yet unclear if he has been backed or broke to ride at any level, although it seems unlikely.

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